Persist, sister

This fortnight has been hectic for Christian women online. #ThingsonlyChristianwomenhear and #ThingsonlyblackChristianwomenhear have provided a heartbreaking insight into the intersection between women and the church. There were plenty of critics, and in the aftermath, we saw conservative/Evangelical bloggers suggesting that women, and especially female bloggers, were potentially leading people astray, that they were broken and untrustworthy, and needed to be under an authority.

So in this post I wanted to take a little time to attend to my Christian sisters who have been caught up in the fallout. The ones who posted in the hashtag, who blog, who pastor congregations, who study and write about theology, who are now fully-fledged ministers.

I want you to know that I am listening to you. And I appreciate you.

It is not uncommon for church to be a boys’ club. Not all churches, I know. But you don’t have to look far to find examples of local churches where women aren’t represented amongst the leadership, or where women are doing certain jobs that men won’t do or don’t do most of the time, with perhaps a few exceptions. And if a woman tries to explain her perspective, she gets shut down. It is so frustrating. I know. I hear you.

I want to say: persist, sister.

Persist in doing what you believe you are called to do. No man or woman is your judge. They don’t get to decide what you are or aren’t called to. God gets to make the call, and if you believe that you’ve been called to do something, you go for it. Don’t wait for the approval of people. If you can’t pursue your calling where you are, can you find a place you can pursue it?

And if you haven’t been ‘called’ to anything, or you don’t believe in being called – doesn’t matter. Persist in developing your abilities. Persist in pursuing your passions. Persist in having a rich life. Persist, persist, persist.

You can comment below or let me know on Twitter (@mytwocompanions), what are you persisting with?




2 thoughts on “Persist, sister

  1. I’m so privileged to work in an environment where I can be recognized for my gifts rather than my gender. Sadly, my situation is not common, and it can be really hard for women in ministry to find a place to pastor. Thanks for your encouragement Nicola.

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