Welcome! My name is Nicola. I am studying a Master of Counselling, and I want to help young adults foster hope and courage in their journey towards mental health. I have a particular interest in women’s mental health, anxiety and depression.

Originally I started this blog in 2015, and called it ‘My Two Companions – Living with Faith and OCD’, after I was diagnosed with OCD in 2013.

Times change, and so have my companions. Everyday I find ways to challenge my OCD and my anxiety, and so I no longer feel that it is a constant companion, but more of a visitor. Hooray! In mid-2016 I was diagnosed with post-natal depression and anxiety (which is much improved now), and during this time my faith also undertook a big shift, and is now “under construction”.

However, I feel so passionate about so many things now, and I believe making positive change is not only possible, but really important in a variety of situations. Any time we decide change needs to happen, we usually experience two things: a desire to change, and then boldness to begin the process. As St Augustine puts it, “Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not stay as they are.” These are my two companions, and yours, anytime we want to see a change for the better.

So join me, and bring your two companions, and together let’s make changes – with fierce hope and courage.



Disclaimer: While I blog about mental illness, I am not (yet) a mental health professional, and none of my posts are intended as advice. If you have (or think you may have) a mental illness, please see your GP, a counsellor or a psychologist, or contact beyondblue for immediate support here.


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